$50/month, no limits

Flex-S Survey Solo is a full-featured survey platform at one simple price, no limitations

Front end capablities you’d expect in an enterprise package

Set up as many surveys, questionnaires, quizzes as you like.

We don’t penalise your success. Have as many respondents as you like, on as many devices as you like. Automated responses not permitted.

Send as many email invites as you like. Spam policy applies.

Create multiple human-readable URLs or use machine-generated ones.

Use responses to determine question flow. Dynamically hide or show whole sections, show different versions, terminate early.

Calculate scores based on respondent data and incorporate into your survey.

Ask follow-on questions incorporating text from previously chosen answers.

Deploy surveys in multiple languages.

Display surveys embedded in your web pages. Embedded surveys dynamically resize to provide an optimal user experience. Or deploy as standalone pages under your own domain.

Conclude by thanking respondents for taking part and direct them to other parts of  your website while they are still engaged.

Email respondents to thank them and invite them to take part in follow up activities.

Remove Flex-S branding and offer as an added-value service to your clients. Note: requires additional agreement.

Make surveys reflect your corporate identity with CSS.

Collect responses on devices while not connected to the internet. Upload responses later. Perfect for events.

Powerful backend for businesses of any size

Create multiple backend users for your account. Control access by role. 

View responses in a clear, easily accessible format. Expand individual responses to drill down. Use powerful filters to screen out the noise and focus on the responses you want.

Transform response data in a familiar Excel-like spreadsheet environment. Use formulas, create pivot tables, do all the things you normally have to export data for.

Build new surveys fast by reusing existing setups. Create families of surveys. Evolve versions, making them available without changing the public URL.

Sometimes questions need to be tweaked, or response options adjusted. Flex-S lets you join multiple versions in a single report, maintaining the integrity of your sample size,

Export data to CSV or Excel.

Receive notification emails for new responses, or daily emails summarising responses.

Dynamically create new records or populate existing records as responses come in.

Retrieve and delete personal data to comply with GDPR regulations.

See the full listing of survey platform features

Get started with Flex-S Survey Solo

Take it to the next level

Use survey responses to power your business with Flex-S Platform

Responses drive powerful workflows

Use survey responses to trigger complex rule-based workflows, automating follow up activities that usually take hours. 

Auto-generate personalised content

Generate HTML and PDF documents personalised with data from survey responses, delighting your customers with information that speaks directly to them.