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All the features of Flex-S Pro,
with a few limitations

1 project
100 responses/year
Powered by Flex-S branding

Flex S Free is free forever. Perfect for finding out what you can do

What you get

  • Flex-S survey platform
  • Workflows
  • Content generation

What you can do

  • everything you can do in Pro

What you can’t do

  • create more than 1 project
  • collect more than 100 responses in a 12 month period
  • remove ‘Powered by Flex-S’ branding


We guarantee a maximum 48-hour response time (during UK business hours) for Free Support, and we usually resolve issues faster than that.



$200/month when billed annually
$220/month billed monthly

Full-featured survey platform
+ Workflows
+ Personalised content generation

Unlimited projects
Unlimited responses
Removable Flex-S branding

Flex-S Pro is ideal for businesses with complex processes

Survey platform

Flex-S survey platform combines a full-featured survey engine with high-quality reporting and management tools.

See all survey features


Flex-S workflows enable you to use Flex-S surveys to trigger chains of events. Configure complex workflows to automate complex processes which would normally require human intervention, saving time and freeing up your team.

Personalised content generation

Flex-S personalised content generation uses your data and your workflows to automatically personalise content. In a simple case, add your customer’s name to a thank-you note. In a complex case, dynamically choose pieces of pre-existing content to present to your customer, making changes at a granular level.


Flex-S comes with comprehensive documentation and get-you-started guides. 


We guarantee a maximum 24-hour response time (during UK business hours) for Pro Support, and we usually resolve issues faster than that.


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Billed quarterly or annualy

Get Flex-S exactly the way your organisation needs with active assistance every step of the way

All the features of Flex-S Pro
+ Onboarding
+ Tailored training
+ Priority support
+ Enterprise SLA
+ Access control & security
+ Compliance tools
+ Success services package

Flex-S Custom is built to meet the needs of enterprise


We work with you to develop a comprehensive onboarding plan, technical and end-user training, technology assitance and project build/design services.

Tailored training

We understand how important it is for business tools to get buy-in by users and stakeholders. We help ensure successful adoption by providing online training focused on your specific use case.

Priority Support
We guarantee a maximum 6-hour response time (during UK business hours) for Priority Support, and we usually resolve issues faster than that.

Enterprise SLA
We aim for 99.5% uptime. Custom Plan customers get priority notice of scheduled maintenance and we work with you to make sure that you are not inconvenienced at critical times in your schedule.

Access control

We help you set up the user hierarchy you require, including integrations with popular identity providers.

Audit trail

We understand how important it is to know how and when actions have been taken. Flex-S provides Custom Plan customers with a granular audit trail for all backend actions.

Compliance tools

We will create special data handling to accommodate specific regulatory requirements in your industry or geography.

Success Services

Our Professional Services team works with you throughout the lifecycle of your projects to make sure that you get real value out of Flex-S, whatever your organisation’s objectives.

Just need a super-flexible survey platform with no limits?
Take a look at Flex-S Survey Solo

All the power of the Flex-S survey platform, without workflows or content-generation.

$50/month, no limits

Frequently asked questions

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Your subscription continues to be active until the end of your current term (month, quarter or year) but will not auto-renew. 

Yes. You can upgrade from Free to a paid subscription at any time. You can upgrade from Pro to Custom at any time. You can downgrade when your current billing period expires – check whether you are billed monthly or annually. 

Prices shown on this site exclude VAT and sales taxes. VAT and sales taxes will be charged where appropriate, or you will be notified where tax is due.

Your billing cycle begins the day you purchase a paid subscription for the first time. If you have opted for credit card payment, your credit card will be charged every month. If you have opted for purchase order + invoice, you will receive an invoice dated at the beginning of your billing period.

Yes. We accept Purchase Orders companies that wish to be billed offline and pay via bank transfer or credit card. Purchase orders are only accepted for annual Pro subscriptions and Custom subscriptions.

Yes. We offer a 25% discount to accredited educational and non-profit organisations. Contact us with your organisation’s email address.

Your data is stored in the USA and backed up to globally located cloud storage. Contact us if you have special requirements for data location due to operational or regulatory considerations (Custom subscription only).

When you cancel your subscription, it continues to be active until the end of your current term (month, quarter or year). During this period you can access and manage your data as usual. After your subscription becomes inactive, your data is retained for 90 days. You can reactivate your plan at any time during this period and access your data. After 90 days, your data will be deleted from our system and will no longer be retrievable.