Survey responses are just the start

Flex-S combines full-featured surveys with workflows and personalised content generation​

Use Flex-S to automate business processes and create highly personalised content, all driven by live input

Create beautiful forms, surveys, calculators…

Create surveys, questionnaires, ROI calculators and product configurators using the Flex-S drag-and-drop builder
Brand with your corporate colours, fonts and logos.
Embed in your pages or under your domain. Deploy on desktop, tablet or mobile.

…apply business logic and transform data…​​

Analyse responses automatically using the powerful Flex-S rule-driven workflow engine.
Transform data using familiar spreadsheet tools.
Incorporate inputs from CRM, ERP and other sources to create sophisticated decision-support systems.

…instantly feed back personalised content​

Delight customers with highly-personalised responses.
Offer personalised PDFs to download, designed without coding.
Display customised HTML.
Trigger actions in your CRM, send out email notifications and more.

See what you can do with Flex-S. No credit card required.

Flex-S for Marketing

Understand the market

Use Flex-S to supercharge market research and new product development. 

Flex-S combines comprehensive survey tools with powerful data transformation and content-generation capabilities, helping you collect, analyse and present research results quickly and effectively.

Build value-added relationships

Customers naturally respond to brands which give them meaningful value from the very start. 

Flex-S helps you deliver sophisticated value-added  experiences such as benchmarking surveys and maturity assessments while minimising the workload for your marketing team.

Flex-S for Sales

Support your sales team

Use Flex-S to support your inside and outside sales teams with interactive sales tools that help them engage more effectively with customers and increase spend. 

The Flex-S drag-and-drop page designer enables you to build attractive user experiences which work equally well on mobile, tablet and desktop – all without coding.

Accelerate the sales process

Flex-S helps you move prospects quickly through the funnel by uncovering their needs and providing information direct to them. 

Let customers explore your offering with online configurators and self-service data vending. Free up your sales team with automated, personalised touch points that integrate directly with your CRM and ERP.

Flex-S for Customer Experience

Turn customers into fans

Use Flex-S to ask for feedback all the way through the customer journey. 

Deploy an NPS popup or a wide-ranging satisfaction survey. Connect responses to your CRM. Find promoters and reward them, identify detractors and convert them.

Keep on top of sentiment

Make sure key metrics such as your Customer Satisfaction Score, Customer Effort Score and Net Promoter Score are constantly updated with Flex-S’s powerful data transformation tools. 

Go beyond metrics and use Flex-S workflows to push feedback directly to customer support teams.

See what you can do with Flex-S. No credit card required.

Flex-S for Enterprise


Flex-S is the ultimate flexible platform. However you prefer to work – including on-premise – Flex-S adapts to your needs.


Flex-S leverages the latest modern cloud technologies  to deliver high-availability, high-capacity presence across the globe.


Control access to the backend – and the front end – with roles-based accounts. Track actions with the audit trail facility.


Your data is kept safe using modern technologies and backed daily up to Microsoft’s Azure cloud storage.


Flex-S has no limits for enterprise customers – no artificial constraints on numbers of responses, projects or team members.


We will help you and your team configure Flex-S just the way you want, or our Professional Services Team will build the functionality you need, just for you. 


Flex-S has tools to help your organisation meet responsibilities such as GDPR and industry-specific regulatory compliance.


We help minimise on-boarding times with individually tailored setup packages including custom design and coding – whatever you need.


Flex-S is easy to use, but every tool has a learning curve. We help maximise team productivity with tailored training.

Priority Support

Our Priority Support typically resolves issues in hours, and ensures timely escalation when needed.


Flex-S supports localisation for all major languages and cultures.

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